Great reviews are always welcome. They’re a fantastic morale booster for you and your team, as well as a strong performance indicator; however, are yours actually helping you increase organic website traffic and creating more fee-paying customers?

Our partners at TRUSTIST can make this happen for you,

Organic Google Maps Results

The most desirable and clicked-on links in Google search results are the first 10 add-free/organic listings that appear underneath Google Maps results. This is where you want to be if you want to be found.

TRUSTIST can help you appear here with as little as 1 review, and this can be from any customer review platform, not just Google.

How it Works

TRUSTIST uses Structured Data and Schema Markups to present your reviews to Google from across the internet. This instructs Google to show your stars and not just your Google ones.

This boosts your organic ranking and improves click-through rates.

You may have some great AllAgents or Facebook reviews, so when you use TRUSTIST, they can be used to get you Google stars and improve your organic listing.

Your Website Widget

There is a great choice of widget designs that will fit perfectly on your website and will take your visitors directly to your own TRUSTIST page where all of your reviews from across the web are displayed.

Visitors will also be able to select your brand reviews or those of your individual branches to view.

Once you have signed up to TRUSTIST, we can add this widget to your website FREE of Charge.

Review Dashboard

As well as aggregating your reviews into one easily accessible place under your website widget, TRUSTIST provides you with an easy-to-use dashboard so you can monitor your reviews and ensure that you respond to them quickly.

If you have more than one or multiple offices, you can also monitor each individual office’s performance here.

Sharing Your Reviews on Social Media

You’ll want to share your great reviews on social media, and TRUSTIST can do this for you automatically.

Connecting your social media accounts is simple and straightforward and can be done from your dashboard.

This can be set to automatically publish only reviews of 4 or more stars to social media,

How to Get More Reviews

Obviously, the more great reviews you can get the better, so TRUSTIST will provide you with a short webpage URL that will contain all of your chosen review platform page links for customers to choose from, such as Facebook, AllAgents, Google, etc. Perfect for sharing.

If you have more than one office, you will have one review link per location and one link for your brand.

This link is great for sharing via email so don’t forget to add it to your footers.

If you’d like to know more about TRUSTIST and why we recommend and partner with them, get in touch with us TODAY.

Call us on 0208 050 8822, email or fill in our contact form HERE, and we’ll get back to you just as soon as we can.