If just the thought of getting a new website makes your blood run cold, or you break out in a sweat, you’re not alone.

In fact, when we talk to new customers, they’ve often been put off even contemplating the idea for far too long due to the perceived amount of stress, time consumption, and the financial cost they imagine it would entail.

And we’re not surprised.

Almost every day, agents are bombarded by website builders and designers trying to secure their business with a mind-boggling array of tech babble, which is designed to impress but is totally meaningless to the majority of non-techie agents, and can either terrify them into paying far more for the job than it’s worth, or puts them off getting a new site altogether.

Plus, we’re pretty sure that if you really wanted to know all the technical wizardry that goes into building a website, you’d have become a web developer and not an estate agent.

Having now built almost 3,000 property websites (and counting), we know that the vast majority of estate agents just want to know that, a) it will work effectively, and b) how much it will cost or save them.

How it happens is rarely top of their must-know list.

That’s also why we use as little tech jargon as possible, and give agents the information they want and need in a clear and easily digestible way. No smoke, no mirrors, just open, honest, and straightforward facts.

Of course, there are exceptions, and we’re more than happy to talk tech with any agent who wants to know how it all works,

Getting value for money is also incredibly important and we believe that you should only pay for what the job is worth, not what we think your bank balance might be. So whether you’re a large multi-branch agency or a new start-up, you can be assured that there will be no nasty surprises along the way.

Having built so many websites over the last 2 decades, we know how to keep your costs down and have honed our skills so finely that we work in a far more efficient way than any other similar business we know of.

These efficiencies save you both time and money when it comes to getting a new website.

This also means that we can streamline the process more effectively, and our customers consistently tell us how pleasantly surprised they are at how stress-free and simple we make the whole process.

So, if you want to know that your most important business asset is in the safest hands in the industry, get in touch to arrange a FREE No-Obligation Quote and chat about your next new website.

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