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We’ve always aimed to provide our clients with more than just a website, and today we have a very exciting announcement to make.

After months of work behind the scenes, we are proud to launch Market Maker; an amazing Toolkit to help you generate more leads, improve website conversions and ultimately make you money and save you money.

Market Maker combines all the digital and print tools you need to increase listings and actively market them. What’s even better is that many of the tools are automated, so you can increase your valuation requests and lead opportunities, without additional work!

With Market Maker you get: 

  • An Automated Prospecting System which connects you with available listings 
  • An Automated 20/20 Tool which sends branded cards to the neighbours of properties you sell 
  • Industry beating lead nurturing tools 
  • A fortnightly branded online magazine that includes automated videos of your latest properties 
  • A video branding tool and a videoette of each of your instructions 
  • The ability to print and deliver targeted customisable cards and letters for less than the cost of a stamp.

It gets even better… 

Propensity to Move Tool 

Imagine if we could tell you who is going to move in the coming months, before the properties come to market. But not only tell you, we then automatically send your marketing mailers to them, all printed and posted for less than the cost of a stamp. 

What if we could do that for you every month without you lifting a finger?

Well now we can. Courtesy of some brilliant data science, our friends at TwentyCi, who have been refining this modelling over the last 4 years, are now able to score every home and its occupiers in the country based upon their “Propensity to Move”. They then identify the top 10% of those and the ones that are in your patch are revealed to you in our Market Maker product.

Using the tools in Market Maker, printed materials with your messages are then delivered to their address asking for their business – and all for a lot less, including the printing, than the cost of the stamp that delivered it.

Imagine only prospecting the people who are going to move, instead of everyone in the whole area.

Less money, less time, more listings.

And Finally

Through Market Maker we can make introductions to some of our other valuable partners for you to take advantage of their services. Digital Marketing services through Starberry, Portal Lead Nurturing through LeadPro, 360° technology through immoviewer, Online Auction services through iAmSold and Conveyancing services through Moving Hub.

All services which will make you money and save you money and we will have more services coming in the following weeks and months.

Want to know more? Watch our National Sales and Accounts Manager, Steve Ryan share some more information and sign up for a demo here or simply call us on 0208 050 8822, or email, us for more information.