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Infinite Scrolling

Swipe through the entire list.

For many years the standard convention was to decide how many properties to show per page when performing a search - typically 10 per page. This was decided years ago when bandwidth was incredibly restricted. Not only are those dial up days behind us but this isn't the most mobile friendly method of looking at a list.

When you are on a bumpy journey trying to view a list of properties on your phone and have to get your finger to press the page 2 or next button it can be quite a feat.

Now that smartphones and tablets let you swipe to navigate we can program the list to just keep generating more and more content. If you are familiar with Facebook you will recognise this as when you scroll it just keeps adding stuff to the bottom.

Your site can now do the same and keep adding more valid results just with a simple swipe of the finger.

Call us to today to ask us to make your page lists more mobile device friendly. Freephone 0808 1800 178 or simply ask our Maintenance Team on our maintenance page here. 

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