Ajax autocompletes fields for your visitors.

When you give a visitor a field to complete to say where they want to search, relying on them typing accurately to match the data held in the database can frequently result in a NULL result.

Beckonsfield, Beaconsflied, Beacons Field. We’ve seen them all, but if the entry they type doesn’t match the data held in the database no properties will be found.

To solve this problem, and to give you even greater benefits, we have developed a method that we call the Ajax Search.

You can draw on a Google Map the boundary of what you consider to be your territory, for example Beaconsfield, as you define it. The same goes for HP9 and even the imaginary “Poet’s Corner” where Wordsworth Drive and Tennyson Avenue exist.

All of these records are then safely stored inside the site and whenever someone starts to type in the area to search it starts to autocomplete for them. “B” produces all the locations you defined beginning with B. “Be” reduces the list and adding more letters reduces it further until the choice they want to make appears.

The very important point of this is that the site will then only propose values where it knows you have properties and your visitor’s wide spelling abilities don’t affect the effectiveness of your search.

Your visitors’ experiences are greatly enhanced, this is very ‘mobile device friendly’ and it allows you to define your territories, as opposed to the Post Office definition of where a town or post code starts and ends.

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