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We always work to your timescale.

We frequently get asked to build sites on very tight timescales or with fixed deadlines because of an office or business launch. Our structured approach to project management allows us to tackle these challenges head on and make sure that our clients enjoy the success they require from their investment in a new web site.

Every project has the benefit of access to a dedicated project manager, designers, developers, programmers, content writers as well as a rigorous QA process prior to launch.

Sites are launched when you want them to be and we work to ensure that all the assets, planning and objectives are worked through as early as possible in the project to increase the chances of getting it built right first time and on time.

The average turnaround for our bespoke design projects from receipt of the order to going live is 7 weeks. Many are faster, as required for urgent deadlines. Some are slower, often due to size and the ever present complication of you having to work on a site and work on your business. Our templates are usually delivered in 3 weeks or less, subject to the availability of content.

Whatever the speed you need your project manager will work with you to guide you through the steps of the process through to completion as smoothly as possible.


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