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And end to end process

All projects go through our thoroughly tried and tested 7 step process: -

  1. Specification
    Identify the business requirements, outputs, customer journey, functions, pages and structure for all devices.
  2. Design
    Prepare illustrations that enable all the specified requirements in brand and aesthetically pleasing way.
  3. Plan
    Prepare detailed plans of all actions needing to be taken by whom and when to ensure delivery on time.
  4. Content
    Gathering all the assets, words, images, logos, colour palettes needed to construct the site.
  5. Build
    A very iterative section where everything that we build is tested by you as we progress.
  6. Test
    Not just a final test by you but an exhaustive QA test by us to make sure i's are dotted and t's are crossed.
  7. Launch
    Break out the Moët, send out the press release. Remember this is just day 1 of a continuous journey.

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