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Site Performance Dashboard

Our Site Performance Dashboard has been designed specifically for Estate Agents. It tells you how many times your site generates valuation requests, viewing requests or contact requests.

Want to know how many applicants registered in the last month? How many times each property has been viewed, which pages are being seen? The Site Performance Dashboard makes it a snap to find this valuable data.

It even makes all those metrics like page views, time on site and bounce rate incredibly simple to see and understand with charts and dials.

The benefit to you is that you can see what is working, what is not, make changes and measure the effect.

Now you can immediately see if a specific leaflet drop, radio advert or social media campaign makes a difference to traffic volumes and more importantly to conversion rates. When you develop the winning recipe you can then keep repeating and refining.

All this comes FREE with a Property Jungle web site because we want the sites we build to make a bottom line difference to you.

Site Performance Dashboard Site Performance Dashboard

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