Using only accurately mapped travel times with real road speed data and public transport data. Ideal for agents in commuter zones.

Travel Time Search is a very exciting new innovation because for the first time in the history of property web sites, visitors are provided with the search results they really want.

For example, what an applicant is really thinking is “I’ve got £300,000 to spend, I need 3 bedrooms and I work in the High Street in Baldock. I don’t want to commute more than half an hour by car, so where can I live that I can fit in and afford – and still get to work on time?”.

Typically property sites would only provide a distance based search, for example, a 3 mile radius of the centre of Baldock. However radius doesn’t take account of the fact that travelling for half an hour on the motorway can take you 30 more miles away whilst a town 3 miles away could take just as long to navigate by country road.

So we know that radius searches don’t really reveal where someone could live whilst travelling for a specified length of time.

To solve this problem, using Travel Time Search, website visitors can be very specific about their travel needs. The search results reveal where there are properties that will get them to work on time, in a price bracket they can afford and that fits their space needs.

This is like having your best negotiator’s local knowledge and expertise built into your site and being on hand for your customers 24/7.