One of the greatest challenges for agents during the Lock-Down is how to conduct valuations whilst complying with government legislation.

With this task being vital to agents, vendors and landlords, our development team have been working on a way to help.

We have created a Social Distancing Valuation Tool that can be integrated into any of our clients’ sites for FREE!

This tool enables the vendor or landlord to photograph, and/or video, their property and upload multiple media files via an online form so that agents can conduct a remote viewing/valuation.

The agent is able to see the property virtually and conduct the valuation based upon the media they are presented with.

This is not just your standard valuation form, we’ve applied the latest gamification techniques to create a Social Distancing Valuation Tool that is:

  • Fully customisable to an agents branding and website
  • Enables multiple multi-media files to be uploaded via an online form on an agents site
  • Provides a virus free way to conduct valuations
  • Can be integrated into all our clients’ sites for FREE

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