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Site Design

Preparing a design for a professional web site is much more complex and important than the TV adverts make it seem where all you have to do is drag and drop a photo and colour something blue.

It's not something we outsource like some of our competitors. It's not an automated process. It's something we take great care to get right for you.

Best practice design.

Site design is the process of identifying your desired business objectives, your preferred customer journeys, the features, functions and pages that you want the site to have, and then finally preparation of a visual representation of all these elements that represents your brand and provides ease of use.

This is far from a trivial task, but fortunately with over 1,900 previous experiences it's a well beaten path for us that we can safely guide you along. With highly skilled technical staff and many from estate agency backgrounds you are in safe hands.

The process of creating a great design is very similar to thinking about how you might want your new kitchen to be built. Essentially you have to identify all the things you want. How many cupboards, built in appliances, storage requirements, preparation areas and so on. When you have gone through that process drawings that contain all these elements can be prepared.

We think of site design in the same way and our consultants will work with you to identify the core processes, pages and add-ons that you think will make your site stand out in your market before our experienced designers will prepare visuals that show you what it could look like.

Site Design

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