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Ongoing Support

We appreciate that 99%+ of our clients don't come to work to demonstrate their IT skills.

From time to time people just get "stuck", so we are here to help.

Support where you need it.

Every day we help dozens of customers that have reached the edge of their technical know-how.

If you are having an issue with your web site or email service that we support, don't flounder, simply call 0208 050 8822 and ask to speak to someone in our Support Team, or if they are already busy helping others, complete this form below and they'll get back to you with a solution.

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Email Set-up and Support

To ensure you have the right configuration to send and receive your emails you can follow our guides, we have created step-by-step processes for all major email clients.

Configure email

Remote Support

Technical problems vary and sometimes actually being able to see what you do is a great help and can often lead to fixing problems quicker. If your problem can be fixed by using our remote support tool, a Property Jungle representative will supply you with a code for this, when requested, please enter it in the box below.

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