The Property Jungle’s infograms graphically present your local market using your own data in a visually attractive and informative way.

For most buyers it is important to research the local market they are looking to move to. They’re making one of the biggest investments in their lives so the want make sure it’s a wise move.

With many question on their minds like, what is the future resale and value potential? How does it sit relative to the value of other properties? Is it the only detached property in an area of semi’s? What is the average price? Providing the answers to these question is fast and simple with infograms.

Customisable in appearance, infograms sit easily on full property data pages informing your visitors on your market and listings data.

Without doubt, visual images draw the eye in and provide visitors with an enhanced experience. Data statistics have also shown higher approval rates for websites and media articles that use infograms, so why not give your website visitors something a bit more engaging?