Your website is your online shop window, available to the world 24 hours a day.

It should be one of your hardest working members of staff and an excellent source of leads.

It’s not all about the look and feel (although this is important) the underlying architecture, key features and vital automation tools are all essential to set you ahead of the competition and help you to win business.

Key questions to ask:

  • is your website achieving the targets you have set?
  • are you getting the number of enquiries you want through your website?
  • are you getting the number of valuation requests you want through your website?
  • are you automatically responding to enquiries generated through your website?
  • do you know which content/features are essential to your clients and are these fully integrated into your website and business?
  • do you know how well your website is performing, what the traffic is like, where visitors come from, what pages are converting?
  • Does your website have all of the compliance information you are legally obliged to display?

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