Interactive search on your Facebook page

Lists of properties that don’t match a visitor’s needs simply turns them off and you lose the engagement opportunity. It’s just showing them everything, not specifically what they want.

We can provide your Facebook page with a live, searchable database of your listings so they can both engage with you socially, as well as find properties that meet their requirements.

You’ve got social media and have built up a great network of friends and followers on Facebook, so why not convert your audience into customers by providing them with searchable up-to-date listings?

Our Facebook App allows your visitors to instantly access your properties without leaving your page and helps you turn socialising into successful marketing, without cluttering up your timeline.

Yes, that’s right. All of your properties could be just a click away, in an easy to use searchable database, which is fed and updated instantly, so your visitors need never miss a listing.

Plus, by leaving your timeline free for doing what it’s intended for, social engagement, you get to carry on the great work of expanding your network of potential clients and customers.

With so many of us constantly checking our social media accounts throughout the day, why not utilise this great opportunity and get Facebook ‘APPy’?