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The database inside your web site is the very heart of it. This drives the search mechanism, it manages the automatic updates, reflecting the changes you make to the stock you are marketing, and interfaces with whichever software you may be using.

Accurate information

Your visitors want instant access to properties and to be able to use interactive tools like "Register for Email Alerts" and "Request a Viewing". They also want to know that the information they are receiving is up-to-date and accurate.

You want to know that your website is working extremely hard to provide visitors with what they want and that you can list and maintain properties quickly and efficiently, in the most cost effective way possible.

That's why here at The Property Jungle, we have developed our unique web based database system, specifically designed for the property industry, to provide you with the most complete listing and website solution on the market.

When you are working with us to build your site we can connect the database inside the site to as many estate agency software feeds as you use throughout your business, divisions and offices.

Even if you don't use any software we can provide you with an easy to use manual interface to add, amend and delete an unlimited number of properties and all their associated images.

Not only do we simplify population of your site with your property data, but we can then mix it with other data sets, for example to show proximity to schools, healthcare facilities, transport links and more.

Because we build everything to match your specific brand and business needs your property displays are entirely bespoke to create the perfect branded look. Every property has its own unique page which you can then link to in emails to interested applicants.

In short we couldn't have made our database any more targeted for estate and lettings agents, user friendly or business benefitting.


Easily update your properties

We make updating listings on your web site simple and seamless through our bespoke Content Management System. This will either automatically process a data feed from your software supplier or allow you to manually upload them straight into the site.


Have you ever wanted to:

Add/amend/delete unlimited numbers of properties to your website

Add unlimited photos which are automatically resized

Create dynamically generated EPC Graphs

Manage status (available, let, under offer, withdrawn, etc.)

Link to virtual tours, floorplans, 3D walkthroughs

Automatically display on Google maps for 100% accurate presentation

Display groups of properties on dynamic Google maps showing their location

Automatically email matching properties to registered applicants

Automatically populate the UK portals where you have a subscription with them*

Order audio tours direct from Audio Agent

Maintain featured properties on your website

Automatically show most recent instructions on your website


Then why not choose The Property Jungle

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