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360° Virtual Tours & Remote Virtual Viewings

Stunning Full Screen 360° Virtual Tours that take less than 15 minutes to make

Now you can create a complete 360° Virtual Tour in under 15 minutes using the Ricoh Theta S camera and immoviewer App.

It is immediately available as 360° Tours for your web site, as Virtual Reality Tours with VR Goggles and for Remote Virtual Viewings allowing you to screen share a tour with your applicants.


immoviewer Mobile App


Remote Virtual Viewings

With Remote Virtual Viewings you can take customers through a property without going to the property. You have full control over your immoviewer tour and can control it remotely.

The built-in monitor feature allows you to see what your clients see on their screen. You can control it or they can. Either way you learn more about their preferences and are fully engaged in the viewing with them as if you were in the property.

No additional software purchase is necessary. Simply log into the immoviewer portal, add participants and initiate the viewing.


The Virtual Reality Experience

Each 360° tour can be experienced with VR Goggles. No additional software is necessary.

  • Compatible with any VR Goggles
  • Virtual tours are more realistic than ever before
  • Vendors, Landlords and Applicants all love them!


immoviewer VR Goggles



Take a peek into the next room to get an idea and better guidance. With this preview can you get an impression of what the next room looks like which means easier navigation through the property.

  • Easier navigation
  • Limited to open rooms


immoviewer Preview


Optional Password Protection

You can protect the privacy of occupiers and determine who has access to a tour. You can either invite applicants to view the property or they can ask to view it and you receive an overview of the potential viewer before they can see the tour.

  • Protection of privacy
  • Information about potential buyers or tenants


immoviewer password protection


Statistical Overview

You can access valuable data on who has viewed a property, which details they liked and the time spent in each room.

  • Statistical evaluation
  • Who / where / when / how long / how often


Statistical Overview

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