Partnering with us

When you partner with The Property Jungle you’re teaming up with property industry experts that have built over 1,900 agency websites, with experience going back to 1997.

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We don’t talk technobabble, use jargon or blind you with science. Of course we are technical, but first and foremost we care about customer service.

This is recognised across the industry as we are the only web developers ever to have been awarded the highest ranking for customer service at the EA Masters.  See what people say.

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All our sites are designed to make you money and save you money, with a Performance Measurement Dashboard so you always know what it’s doing for you.

Designed to convert anonymous surfers into people you can do business with.

Find out more about our Data & Performance Services.

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All our sites have the technical and business flexibility to enable anything to be changed.

You will never hear us say, “No you can’t change that because it’s a template.”

With built in Content Management and a dedicated Maintenance Team, literally anything is possible.

Being Compliant

Being Property Industry Specialists we know all about the legal requirements of an agent being online, and are proud to say that we have never had a client fall foul of GDPR, the Consumer Rights Act, Trading Standards or any other body or statute for something that we let happen.

Unfortunately almost all non-specialist design agencies don’t know enough about the specific agency laws and we have seen many agents fined thousands of pounds avoidably.

Just Great Value

We know we provide terrific value for money and are frequently told that by clients. But we also recognise that you can only buy what you can afford.

So that’s why we provide our 2 Year Price Guarantee in which we promise to beat the total cost of ownership of a site compared to any of our specialist competitors quotes.