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How Much?

The Property Jungle believes in affordable, transparent pricing and works incredibly hard to keep your costs down.

We are constantly being asked “how much is a website?” and the truth is that it is different every time, in the same way that every property has its own value. In our world the cost depends entirely on what goes into the site itself.

However, we also know that you need to have a figure to budget with, so we go through an entirely transparent process with you to help you decide what you want your customers’ journeys to be, your business outputs, the look and feel and the add-ons you want. From this we can work out how long it will take to build and therefore what it will cost, and we will tell you exactly how we arrived at it, openly and honestly.

At The Property Jungle we don’t believe you should pay the earth for bespoke websites. We do everything we can to deliver value and build long term relationships based on our openness.

We also do not tie clients into long term contracts as we prefer you to want to work with us for the long term, because of the value that you receive.


The Costs

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