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Posted on Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Who is the strongest member of your team?

I moved house a few weeks ago. Over all it was a good experience but I’d like to share with you a few things that affected my choices and may help you in the future.

I’ve moved house several (OK lots) of times during my life and on quite a few of these occasions, I wasn’t even thinking of moving but saw a property for sale that I absolutely loved and simply had to have. I was a bit like the Bisto Kid whenever I spotted a house I liked the look of. Even if I couldn’t get the house I originally wanted, the seed was sown and it wasn’t long before I moved anyway.

Each time, I picked the agent who had tempted me originally to sell my property. After all, if it worked on me, it would work on someone else surely?

Jumping to my latest move…..

The property I wanted was on with 2 agents. The one I booked to view with was the one with the best photographs of the property, floorplans, loads of local information and a really detailed write-up, plus they’d also made it really easy for me to forward the details to my friends and family. After all, who doesn’t get all excited about a new house and want to share?!

Viewing wasn’t such a great experience. Luckily I’d already made my mind up before I’d even entered the property. I knew the area and the website had given me all the information I really needed about the internal gubbings. The location and garden had been the Bisto and I wasn’t overly concerned over what it was being poured over.

If I hadn’t had as much prior knowledge and information or the property was a bit of a white elephant, the story could have been very different as the young girl who conducted the viewing didn’t appear to know anything about the property and was there simply to open the door.

Thank goodness that the website was the strongest member of their sales team as the viewing staff had seriously let the business down!

However, I’m now all settled in and extremely happy in my new home but being a nosey so and so, as there is another property close by on the market, I had a sneaky gander on the internet at it. I did have a little chuckle though as the agent I didn’t choose is still advertising MY new house with the shoddy and dated images and virtually no information. I had a poke around their website and as I suspected, they have very few listings (the ones that are listed might not even be genuinely on the market, judging by mine), which is hardly surprising.

Your website is the first and often the ONLY impression a potential client gets of you so if you want to make that sale, attract those vendors, manage that rental portfolio, make sure yours is working for you, not against you, because at least if your staff let you down, your website won’t.

Like with me, the majority of your business comes via the internet and you can bet your bottom dollar, decisions and opinions will have been made about your business before an email is even sent or a phone picked up.



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