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You Don't Have To Be Big to Make A Huge Impression

Posted on Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The internet has revolutionized the way we do business and given entrepreneurship and innovation the opportunity to succeed without huge financial backing.

Many of today’s most successful businesses were launched from bedrooms across the world, proving that if you have a great idea, size and money really doesn’t matter.

The world’s largest online retailer Alibaba was started by Jack Ma from his apartment in 1999 and is now valued at an estimated $231 billion US dollars. Even more incredible is that Jack first saw a computer when he was 33 years old. His personal wealth is thought to be around $23.7 billion US dollars. Not bad for a student who failed his university entrance exams 3 times!

Take another example, Mark Zuckerberg. If you haven’t heard of Facebook, you must have been on another planet for the last 10 years. Started in a college dormitory, Zuckerberg’s great idea has now helped him become one of the world’s most influential people and amass an estimated $42.5 billion personal fortune.

What do both these success stories have in common?

Mark and Jack both started without a bean. With no financial backing both men used the internet to catapult their great ideas into reality.

The internet is a great playing field leveller and when used effectively can make your business look as big or as professional as you want.

A professional looking website is the first step to making your business look good. It is more often than not the first port of call for potential clients and customers so getting it right really matters.

Making the right first impression can make the difference between visitors staying on your site or making them leave quickly and move on to the next business.

Here at The Property Jungle, we’ve been helping small businesses and new start-ups establish themselves in the big league since property websites first hit the internet.

We’ve watched many of our original customers blossom and grow from tiny one desk, one person businesses to multi office market leaders.

So if you want to join them and make a huge impression, why not get in touch with us today?

We’d love to help you start making the impact you deserve.

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