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Travel Time Now Classed As Work

Posted on Thursday, September 10, 2015

Time is precious and now even the European Court of Justice agrees.

Declaring that the time you spend travelling on company business outside of the normal working day must now be classed as 'work', this new EU directive could cause a huge upheaval in the way we plan our working life and where we live.

It may well affect you, your staff and colleagues but it will also impact on your customers choices in their next new home.

This new piece of EU law may dictate who employers chose to employ and where people need to live in order to secure jobs, therefore making it even more important that you provide buyers and tenants with more relevant search results.

Measuring distance by travel time is now order of the day.

We've been integrating #TravelTime search into many of our client's websites and with glowing testimonials from businesses like Zoopla and Countrywide as to the increase in conversions, we expect more and more estate agents to adopt this new way to search for properties.

Plus with the EU ruling making travel time an even greater consideration when choosing your next new home, bringing your current search tools up-to-date with a more modern way of searching makes sense.

Why not take a look around the Travel Time website and then speak to us about adding it to your website.

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