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Responsive Web Design

Posted on Thursday, January 9, 2014

RWD is well and truly here and will soon be the preferred browsing experience. As web traffic increases on mobile devices, users not only expect websites to be fully accessible on desktops but demand full functionality on any number of mobile devices.

Evidence tells us that users do not linger on sites offering a poor browsing experience so as devices are being updated and replaced at a phenomenal rate, the sensible option is to have one site that moulds itself to whichever devices is accessing it. With a Responsive website, the content quite literally changes shape to fit the device being used to view it.

RWD offers users a browsing solution with fast, fully functional accessibility to your website, irrespective of device being used and gives the owner only one integrated site to maintain, mange and report on. This provides a more people friendly experience for both user and owner and eliminates the need for multiple sites and apps supporting a multitude of different devices.

The Property Jungle is one of the first UK Property Website Builders to embrace this new technology and we make this transition from multiple sites, to one seamlessly responsive viewing experience the sensible option for property professionals.

Google are recommending this method of website design and as more and more RWD site spring up, search engines are leaning in favour of this more simple, single URL solution.

Our clients Websters were one of our first RWD clients. Click on their picture on any device and see how one single website moulds to your screen.

Ensure your website exploits this exciting new opportunity to grow your business and call us today on 0808 1800 178    





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