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Planting The Moving Bug Seed

Posted on Friday, August 7, 2015

You've had a long day so after dinner you flop down on the sofa in front of the TV to relax.

Before long, you're channel hopping. You can't decide what to watch. In fact you're not sure if you even want to watch TV.

Then a programme grabs your attention and you suddenly find yourself engrossed. A few minutes into watching, the adverts come on. You've just had a huge dinner and really aren't hungry but now you've seen that double chocolate caramel cookie ice-cream, you soon find yourself rummaging around the freezer.

We all do it. I even started baking at 10pm the other night because I'd watched The Great British Bake Off. Just looking at cakes made me want one and as I live in a small village, if you want cake at silly o'clock, you're going to have to roll up your sleeves and make one. Thank goodness for one cup microwave cakes is all I can say! I'll send you the recipe on request ;-)

So, what has this got to do with the property market? It simply proves how open to suggestion we all are.

I've moved many times and for many reasons over my life time and the majority of them weren't initiated because of a burning desire for a bigger house or to live somewhere else. Most of those times were because I'd seen a property for sale that I liked better than my own.

My poor (now ex) partner probably dreaded Fridays when the local free advertiser packed with properties dropped through our letter box, as there was a high possibility that he'd be doing DIY for the next month, while we prepared our current house for sale.

I'm pretty sure he bribed the paperboy not to deliver to us on many occasions but then the internet came along............

The internet has made house hunting a whole lot easier on many levels, however the same logic still applies. If the suggestion is't put in front of you, you may not realise you even want it.

As property website builders, we see every type of estate agent. Big ones, small ones, successful ones and even failed ones and the obvious connection between those that succeed and those that don't is the way they market their businesses.

Simply making the information available isn't enough. You need to plant the seed first.

Agents often tell us that they're struggling to attract listing, yet we also hear from many more that their books are overflowing.

So what makes these agents different?

I'll use two great examples of successful agents that always have a continuous flow of vendors but use different ways to achieve the same result.

JD Gallagher sell lifestyle dreams through creative and artistic blogs, advertising and social media. If you read through their articles, you can't help but think "I want a new and beautiful house" or "I want to move, NOW!" I'm a southern softie but even I think I want to move to Lancaster or Morecombe sometimes!

They also use very strong branding and have created an extremely people friendly and appealing brand presence. You want to read their next article because they're written for real people and aren't just going through the motions for SEO ranking.

Goodman and Lilley use a different approach and have taken their marketing to the people with charitable local sponsorship.

Understanding what matters to your audience is a key element of successful marketing so their Shaun in the City Sculpture Trail sponsorship to raise funds for Bristol Children's Hospital has made sure their name is associated with all things caring and nurturing, plus it's made their brand highly visible throughout their area. This in turn helps generate website traffic and as we already know, buyers are more often than not would be vendors.

Also, if you were thinking of moving home and you have to choose one out of maybe ten local agents, we know you'd be picking the one who you recognise as caring and trustworthy.

We have many other clients who have adopted this approach and the rewards are clearly obvious. If you want to see more examples, take a look through our Facebook page as we often share their success stories.

So it's fair to say, you can't encourage people to think about moving home unless you first plant the seed and give them a jolly good reason to visit your website.

But what happens next can make all the difference.......

All your hard work can be destroyed in an instance if your website is letting you down. You need to be easily found on the internet and you need to come up with the goods.

You are an estate agent so you know that first impressions count. Buyers make their decision about a property within a few minutes of walking through the door. They make a decision about your business in even less time when they visit your website.

One of the most unfathomable mysteries in the world of estate agency practice is the reluctance to invest in websites.

Would you turn up to a viewing in a suit two sizes too small, with buttons popping off your shirt and a mucky stain on your trousers? No, we didn't think so, yet far too often we see the equivalent state of neglect in websites.

Your website is your window to the world so if yours is grubby, cracked or rotten, nobody is going to want to look inside.

We have many great ways to make sure your visitors can both find you easily and make sure they want to stay.

If you would like some help improving your listing power, please get in touch.

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