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January 2014 - Off to a Flying Start

Posted on Thursday, February 6, 2014

January started off the New Year as our busiest to date. With 15 new or redesigned websites and a host of Facebook Growth Search Apps going live, we certainly hit the ground running.

Judging by our clients social media pages, we weren’t the only ones who have been busy.

Wow!! Your hard work has been paying dividends and many of you have been receiving serious ranking on league tables such Klout and EAUK500. Your brands are becoming known as powerful and influential voices in the industry and we are confident that potential vendors will be flocking to your doors as it’s pretty obvious, you guys and gals know how to sell houses.

With 10 buyers to 1 property, attracting vendors is the biggest hurdle agents face. Giving such clear and visible evidence of your commitment and professionalism, sellers or landlords know they are getting value for their fees.

Well done to all of you who have embraced the Social Media Marketing phenomena. Brand awareness is your key to success and you are certainly getting your names out there.

We love seeing the tide turning for our undervalued property professionals and after quite a few difficult years you all seem to be benefiting in various degrees from the newly invigorated market. Great news for all.

In other news…

We’ve recently been trying to encourage/cajole/nag you all into upgrading your browsers. This is an ongoing issue and apologies for all the stick shaking but it is very important for YOUR business, not ours. We don’t sell browsers or upgrades. THEY ARE FREE!!

As this will always be an issue, until the thinkers and tinkers come up with an alternative method of accessing the web, expect us to be haranguing you on a regular basis to get upgrades. We are doing it out of love (aaahh…) so please do not take offence if you are one of the sensible ones who don’t forget this crucial IT maintenance task. After all, we know you’d feel left out if we didn’t nag you too.

Another subject we have been banging on about is the Facebook Growth Search App. Most of you are now on Facebook and trying to find property listings buried under piles of other posts is a bit of a nightmare. Once installed, this simple button keeps all of your listings in one place and users can find just what they want. Easy peasy… We’ve seen quite a few businesses adding this button lately so don’t end up being the last one with unsearchable properties scattered all over your timeline.

Call us today and get your Property Growth Search Button today: 0808 1800 178

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