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Is your website the place to be seen?

Posted on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Estate agents, is your website the place vendors and landlords want their properties to be seen?

You've invested blood, sweat, tears and probably your life savings in your property, so when it comes to a time when you want to move on or rent it out, you want it to be given a fitting stage.

Making sure your website is the place vendors and landlords want their properties to be listed is crucial to your success. Nobody wants to devalue their property by advertising it on a sub-standard website.

After all, you wouldn't advertise a Bentley or a Ferrari for sale on Gumtree or on a notice board would you?

Your website needs to reflect the value of the investments being sold or let on it. It is where all the eyes are and by making sure it's the best it can possibly be, you are also adding value to your service and your clients property.

If your website looks poor, so does your business and as an estate agent, you know that first impressions count. Like also attracts like so if you want to improve the quality of your listings as well as the quantity, provide a website that vendors and landlords want their properties to be seen on.

As we all know, attractive estate agents can increase the value of a property by on average 2.3%. Make sure your website has the same effect and keep it in tip top condition.

One of the most beautiful things about the internet is that you don't need to be big to look successful and as human nature leans us towards following the herd, when we see something that we perceive as popular and doing well, that's where we want to go too.

So, why not take a constructive look at your website today?

Does your website look as if it fell asleep a decade ago? When was the last new article added? Does your website make property look fantastic or dull as dishwater? Does your site have up-to-date search functions and lots of current information to engage visitors? Are you mobile friendly?

When times are hard, website investment can be overlooked but the ROI from a quality site far outweighs skimping on it. It's open 24/7 and when you are tucked up in your bed, chances are, somebody somewhere is visiting it.

Here at The Property Jungle, we have lots of ways to help ensure your website is the one everyone wants to be seen on.

Why not find out today how cost effective and easy it is to make your business look at its very best online.



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