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Are you a successful shopkeeper?

Posted on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Are you a successful shopkeeper?

The property industry is fundamentally a property retail industry. Be it a sale or let, ultimately the product is a property and the suppliers are owners or landlords.

Broadly speaking, successful retailers do not tout for suppliers. Suppliers come to them as they know that their goods will be marketed professionally and given the best possible sales platform.

They want their goods to be seen in the best shop windows and on the best websites. They want to know that the retailer will take care of all the nitty gritty day to day problems and that if any problems occur during a sale, the retailer will look after their customers so that the sale can progress.

Shop keepers lose suppliers if they don't provide a good service to their customers. Considering this when you interact with your buyers can boost your flow of stock.

How many of your registered buyers also have a property to sell?

Most of them, so treat them like royalty and roll out the red carpet. 

As more people move locally than leave an area, the odds are that your house hunter's property is also within your catchment area, so impress your buyers from day one.

If you're not providing your buyers with a service they remember, for all the right reasons, they won't be selling through you EVER.

We see this in action every day, as many of our highly successful agents receive 'thank you' cards and gifts from BUYERS, not just vendors. Those buyers will come back to them when it’s time to sell again and will recommend them to their friends.

Every buyer could be your next vendor so treat them as if they already are.

The same applies to tenants. Your landlord isn't going to be happy if his or her tenants complain about your services. It reflects badly on the landlord and can lead to regular changes of tenancy and potential rent voids. Happy tenants equal happy landlords, plus they may also have family or friends that they can recommend you to.

Properties may be in short supply but sales and letting agents certainly aren't.

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