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Amenity Data - Why It Matters

Posted on Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Why do some estate agents have full property portfolios and a continuous flow of vendors eager to sign up with them?

Answer: They give their vendors fantastic service and value for money.

The equation is then simple: Vendors + Buyers = Fees

Developing a reputation as their areas first choice in estate agency services takes hard work and dedication, plus investment in their businesses. Our successful clients are clear testament to how fulfilling these key elements pays dividends.

When considering fees, vendors want to see their money is being well spent and agents aren’t just resting on their laurels. They want to see agents investing in marketing their most valuable possession.

Providing a comprehensive selection of interactive tools on your website is one of the cheapest and easiest way to help give sellers confidence that their money is being well spent.

Search options including google maps, EPCS and floorplans are no brainers but adding amenity data for schools, healthcare and transport often gets overlooked.

We often find ourselves asking why this is? Is it that agents think it will be expensive and time consuming? If that is correct, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Adding amenity data costs from just £250 per territory per year which equates to £4.80 per week!! With a territory being made up of 6 postcode districts, ie, SN1,2,3,4,5,6, that  means that one postcode area can cost as little as 80p per week!

Obviously cost can’t be the issue so maybe it’s just another time consuming thing for agents to maintain? Another misconception. WE DO IT ALL! We update the data feeds and even the annual OFSTED reports. Agents don’t need to do anything at all.

What about disruption to our website when it is being installed, you may ask? It is all completed seamlessly without disruption and will just appear as if by magic on your website.

Giving your vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants a reason to love your website couldn’t be easier so why wait? Using your website effectively and giving vendors another good reason to sign up with you couldn’t be easier.

Take a look at some of our highly successful estate agents websites and see what amenity data could add to your site.




Still not convinced? Why not give us a call or drop us a line with your queries or even just to order your own amenity data feed!

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