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Posted on Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Listing Tools

Is your website a hive of activity and attracting thousands of hits every month but you're not feeling the benefit?

If you are struggling to convert visitors into quality leads, here are 5 of the very best website tools that significantly increase conversion rates and turn online surfers into clients.


No.1 ValPal


Without a doubt, ValPal is the master of conversions. In fact, our clients who have integrated ValPal into their websites have seen as much as a tenfold increase in quality leads and an average 25 listings out of every 10,000 visitors.

Providing an instant valuation tool for Homeowners and Landlords enables you to not only engage with your anonymous surfers, it captures their details and provides active leads, straight to your inbox.

ValPal can also be fully branded to your business and integrates seamlessly into your website, creating a smooth and professional image.

Find out more about Valpal HERE


No.2 Yomdel


Wouldn't it be great if you could start a conversation with every website visitor?

Well you can with Yomdel and as their super friendly chat agents are all fully trained in the property industry, you know they are working hard to capture and convert your visitors into active leads.

Yomdel are so confident that they can convert your surfers into leads that they don't charge fixed costs or commit you to a contract. So you only pay for the leads they generate and at a very low cost too.

Find out more about Yomdel HERE


No.3 FixFlo


This is a real winner when it comes to Landlords who want to know that their properties are in safe hands.

Show how professional your business is with this fantastic tool that helps you keep on top of maintenance and repairs, whilst providing both you and your tenants with an effective and user friendly way to report, log and manage issues.

With additional functions such as being able to report an issue in 40 different languages, which are then instantly translated by the FixFlo platform, as well as advice and guidance for tenants on what the can do themselves, this fantastic addition to your website inspires confidence in prospective landlords and especially attractive to corporate landlords with large portfolios.

Not sure if FixFlo is for you? Why not enjoy a free trial before making up your mind!

Find out more about Fixflo HERE


No.4 New Homes Manager

New Homes Manager

If you're looking for a great way to attract Developers and Builders, you can't go wrong with our New Homes Manager.

Designed to allow new developments to be showcased at their very best, New Homes Manager allows agents to list units individual and provides Developers and Builders the opportunity to include a large amount of detailed information to attract investors and buyers.

Managed via your Content Management System, you can quickly and easily add and update listings in real time, including uploading things like site plans, illustrations, release dates and price ranges.

It's almost like giving each development its own mini website.

Find out more about New Homes Manger HERE


No.5 Lettings Document Manager

Lettings Document Manager

Looking professional and providing evidence of good housekeeping is a big plus when it comes to attracting Landlords, especially large corporates with extensive portfolios.

Lettings Document Manager keeps each property's information including things like Tenancy Agreements, EPC’s, Tenant Deposit Scheme details, Inventories, Gas Safety Certificates and even things like boiler instructions, local authority and transport details securely locked away but accessible to the tenant via a secure login 24/7.

As well as assuring both Landlords and Tenants of your professionalism, this easy to use system allows Tenants to access information they might need, at any time of the day or night, without disturbing you or taking you away from your work.

Find out more about Lettings Document Manager HERE

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