The length of time it takes to buy and sell property is a constant bugbear for both buyers, sellers and estate agents, but some areas in the UK have been bucking the trend.
Compare the Market recently published a list of the top 10 fastest moving UK property markets with Canterbury taking the top slot, with the average length of time properties spent on the market just 28 days. Quite a contrast to the average 89 days in London.
Interestingly, Canterbury also has over five times as many estate agencies per capita than the capital! One in the eye for moaners who complain that there are too many estate agents.
Coming in second is Bristol, which can largely thank the transient nature of its homeowners. The average length of time homeowners settle in Bristol is a tiny 2.5 years, a fraction of the 6.9 years in London.
Taking third place is Southampton, with the average length of time on the market 40 days.
Check out the rest of the top ten below.
  1. Canterbury (average house price: £311,154)
  2. Bristol (average house price: £311,103)
  3. Southampton (average house price: £280,128)
  4. Manchester (average house price: £185,583)
  5. Nottingham (average house price: £194,099)
  6. York (average house price: £274,153)
  7. Glasgow (average house price: £170,811)
  8. Newcastle (average house price: £200,907)
  9. Bradford (average house price: £131,036)
  10. Portsmouth (average house price: £223,910)