Schools and Amenities

For many people considering moving house, price and accommodation are only part of the decision making process. Proximity to Schools, Healthcare facilities as well as transport can also be vital components of the decision.

Schools and amenity dataAt the Property Jungle we recognise this and can supply data specific to your territory which allows us to display maps with the location of the key amenities.

So for example as a visitor looks at an individual property thyey can click on the school's button and be taken to a map showing where the property is and then around it the locations of the schools. They can then toggle on and off the types of school they are interested in. They can zoom the map in and out to include more or fewer schools.

Below the map they then see tables of really useful data for example showing which schools scored the highest percentages of A grades in Maths, English and Science.

This data is updated annually to take account of changes made following OFSTED publication of results, thus assuring customers that they can make knowledge empowered decisions with relevant data.

Having the data inside your site also means that we can build the content in a way that makes your site a research centre for movers, thus increasing the stickiness of it, generating repeat visits, brand penetration and downstream instructions and sales.

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