Fixflo Integration

Fixflo makes reporting repairs easy for both agents and tenants

No more lengthy, confusing phone calls. Tenants use their PC, mobile, or tablet to easily report their issues or receive online guidance to solve issues themselves—saving time for both parties involved!

Faster Fixes: Fixflo provides detailed, clear reports for agents and contractors. When tenants report an issue through Fixflo, they are prompted for details such as Make, Model, and Serial Number. Additionally, they're given the option to attach photos of their issue - almost 40% of issues have photos logged!

Fixflo in use

Fewer Issues: Fixflo provides guidance for tenants of their responsibilities, vastly reducing the amount of maintenance requests received. When tenants attempt to report issues such as blown light bulbs, the accumulation of mildew stains, or a cold radiator, they will first be offered customisable guidance to resolve the issue themselves.

Easier Communication: Ever have difficulties understanding tenants who speak a different language? Fixflo is available in over 40 languages, with each issue report being translated into English and sent to you in seconds!

The Property Jungle offers simple and easy integration into any of its clients web sites.

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